How to make your mass email marketing successful

May 5th, 2010 by tempesttech

Your email campaign cannot be successful if no one reads your email messages. Here are a few hints to get people to actually open your messages and result in conversions.

Above everything your email newsletters/mass mailings must be CAN-SPAM Act compliant. Not only is it the law, but following the spirit of CAN-SPAM can result in a more successful email campaign.

The Subject field should be specific and appropriate. Do not try to use misleading subject lines. It will only result in unhappy customers. Don’t Have the “From” field be listed as an email address, but rather your Name or business name. If you are offering a special deal or discount, include that information in the subject. Everyone gets a lot of email messages and a large percent of them are SPAM messages. Tell your customers why your message is not spam and why they should read further.

Get right to the point of your message – don’t make everyone dig through you message to find the purpose of the email. They won’t do it. If you don’t grab their attention in the first glance and give them the basic information on your message, they will hit the delete key and move on. If you provide them with the critical information with a clear and concise message, they are more likely to continue to read.

One of the most necessary items in an email marketing campaign is often the most overlooked. It is the “Call to Action”. You must specifically ask the customer to do something – Click here to read more, Sign up here, Order here. If you don’t ask for some positive action, the customer won’t know what you want them to do and will move on.

Using an Email Service (ESP) Provider like Constant Contact can ensure that your email messages are CAN-SPAM compliant. The wizards and templates can also assist you in following some of the basic “best practices” to ensure your customers take full advantage of your email marketing. They also provide wonderful reporting tools to evaluate the success of your email marketing campaign.

Of course, the best measure of your campaign is sales or conversions, but the Constant Contact reporting tools can even assist in determining the click-through to purchase results.

Using common sense marketing, technology and a few basic steps will make your next email marketing campaign a rousing success and take your business ahead of your competitors.

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