Southwest Montana

Digital Marketing – Social & Blog

The Southwest Montana tourism region encompasses the area nestled between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. It has been our privilege to work with Southwest Montana not only to develop their travel and tourism website, but in developing content and maintaining their digital marketing footprint.

“We are so fortunate to have Tempest, they continually bring the Southwest Montana site up to modern demands and bring the technical jargon down to a level we can work with.” Sarah Bannon, Executive Director, Southwest Montana

Over the past two decades, Tempest has worked extensively with Southwest Montana. In working together, we have seen the site through simple maintenance, incremental improvements, and complete redesign. This partnership extends far beyond the scope of website design, development, and maintenance. For this case study, let’s focus on content creation and digital marketing.

Content Creation

Our staff truly takes the time to get to know each of our partners as well as their products, services, and offerings. When you first sit down with our team, you can be sure we will ask a lot of questions, because who knows your business goals and audience better than your own team? Taking the time to understand your audience allows us the opportunity to define with whom we are communicating, and in turn, determine the best medium to do so.

Once we have that initial conversation, we will start looking to other sources to collect analytic data and personal feedback to gain a better understanding of what type of content your audience is looking for and engaging with.

In the case of Southwest Montana, we look to Social Media to see what type of content is getting the most engagement, Google Analytics to determine the most successful landing pages on the site, and Constant Contact (newsletter) engagement to understand what content is best at catching our audience’s attention. From there we consider expanding, enhancing, or adding related content and on what platform (social media, landing page, blog post, etc.) that content will best be received.

Monthly Email Newsletter

Each month, we send a newsletter to Southwest Montana’s growing list of subscribers to engage with this audience and keep Southwest Montana top-of-mind when they consider a vacation destination.

SWMT February Email Newsletter

Check out the February 2022 newsletter.

This audience list has been acquired from a variety of sources, including the Southwest Montana website, paid marketing, and social media platforms. In addition to creating the content for the newsletter, we manage the contacts by utilizing a varied approach created through link segmentation and automated series. This constant monitoring allows us to keep the contact list positively engaged with Southwest Montana through a personalized approach.

In addition to creating the newsletter, the Tempest team develops blog content utilized in the newsletter and across social media channels. This blog content is developed using our in-depth knowledge of the hidden gems, immense recreation, charming small towns, and genuine hospitality of the Southwest Montana region.

Check out the May 2022 newsletter.

Social Media Management

Finally, the Tempest team is in charge of maintaining the Southwest Montana social media presence, actively engaging with followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our team takes pride in managing such a robust social presence. In addition to posting regularly, we respond to direct messages and comments on behalf of Southwest Montana. We schedule posts in advance and supplement those planned posts with timely updates.

The content strategy we utilize on behalf of Southwest Montana requires shared content, proprietary content, and user-generated content. This diversity allows us to better engage with our audience to provide the information they desire while building relationships with our followers by sharing their content that highlights the Southwest Montana region so well!