2024 Tempest Technologies Hosting Plans

Thank you for being a valued client of Tempest Technologies!

As we start off 2024, we are changing our hosting structure. Depending on the option you select, we are offering other services that you may find valuable.

  • We will be offering a 10% discount for paying for a year of hosting. 
  • Secure Certificate – In the past we have charged separately for the secure certificate for your website, which will now be included in the monthly fee.
  • Email – For current clients your email will be included this year if you choose the basic plan as in past years, however starting next year, email accounts will be $5 each per month.

All Tempest-Hosted Websites Include:

  • Fast hosting space
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage1
  • Regular, redundant backups of site content and media
  • TLS Security Certificate to ensure https connection
  • Daily scans for malware and vulnerabilities
  • Staging sites for new features, functionality, or redesigns
  • Uptime monitoring that checks at 5 minute intervals
  • Fast customer support from a real person
  • Basic Analytics Reporting2

Hosting & Maintenance Plans:



  • All the features outlined above
  • Basic analytics reporting
  • Zero built-in maintenance time per quarter, all design and development work is billed hourly at our current standard hourly rate.



  • Everything in the basic plan
  • One hour of built-in time per quarter for website changes4
  • Enhanced monthly analytics
  • Annual site review
  • Email hosting – six email accounts



  • Everything in the enhanced hosting plan
  • An additional hour per quarter of built-in time for a total of two4
  • Perfect for sites that need regular content updates and new features

Fill out the short form below to choose your hosting plan going forward:

Choose Hosting Plan(Required)

1 – Storage must be used for website-related content, images, and media.
2 – Using Google Analytics. For reporting, Tempest must have access to the analytics property.
3 – Yearly hosting plans include a 10% discount on the monthly fee! You can still pay full price and be billed quarterly if you prefer.
4 – Built-in hours per quarter do not roll over.